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Date: 03 January, 2009  |  Posted By: FireShadow  |  Category: News

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Naruto Episode 209 - The Enemy: Ninja Dropouts

Date: 18 February, 2009  |  Posted By: FireShadow  |  Category: Season 9

Naruto, Sakura, and Lee are sent to escort a prisoner shinobazu named Gantetsu to the Forest Country capital.

Their job is to back up the escort group in case the other shinbazu Gantetsu was partnered up with come to try and free him.

When they get to the boat Gantetsu is being is being transported on, they meet Todoroki, who seems to hate Gantetsu and thinks he is guilty no matter what.

Will the three ninja be able to fend off any attacks if Gantetsu’s friends come to save him? And what is Todoroki’s connection with Gantetsu?

Naruto Episode 208 - The Weight of the Prized Artifact!

Date: 27 January, 2009  |  Posted By: FireShadow  |  Category: Season 8

Naruto and Kiba must help to protect the Beauty of Nature, but they are having trouble with the client.

Will they be able to make it through the mission, or will they turn on the client?

Naruto Episode 207 - The Supposed Sealed Ability

Date: 13 January, 2009  |  Posted By: FireShadow  |  Category: Season 8

Yakumo’s genjutsu is getting stronger, Kurenai is starting to disappear and Naruto can’t use his any of his jutsu within Yakumo’s genjutsu.

Will Naruto be forced to use his “hidden” power?

Naruto Episode 206 - Genjutsu or Reality?

Date: 12 January, 2009  |  Posted By: FireShadow  |  Category: Season 8

Naruto and the group take Kurenai and Yakumo back to Konoha, but when they get there, the entire village is in ruins.

After dropping Kurenai and Yakumo off at the hospital, everyone leaves to investigate.

After looking around, Shino figures out that what they are seeing isn’t real. Elsewhere, Naruto is told they are in Yakumo’s genjutsu.

Can everyone escape from Yakumo’s grasps, and what is her purpose for all of this?